As part of the account verification process, we collect certain documents and information that assist us in identifying you and your business properly. One of the requirements is physical address verification where we verify the physical address you have provided.

The following are documents that can be used for verifying your physical address:

  1. Recent Utility Bill

    You can provide us with receipts or invoices for payment of utilities like water, electricity, internet, etc. You can request an invoice for Safaricom Home fibre internet services by contacting Safaricom customer service. You can also request a payment receipt from Zuku if you are using the Zuku internet services

  2. Rent Receipt

    You can share your own personal and or the business rent receipt if the physical address is included in the receipt.

  3. Business Permit

    You can share with us the current business permit issued by your county government

  4. Government Licence

    If your business is regulated and you have been issued a license, you can share with us if the physical location is included.

In case you face any challenges, please contact us at [email protected]

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