What is maximum amount I can receive through IntaSend (Understanding Account Limits)

What is maximum amount I can receive through IntaSend (Understanding Account Limits)

IntaSend has limits to how much you can receive per transaction and also per day.

At the moment, the following are the default limits for new accounts.

Card payments Limits

  1. USD 500 or equivalent per transaction
  2. No limit on how much you can collect/hold in your account

Mobile Money (Limits)

  1. Limits are based on providers limits. 
    1. Ksh 150,000 per transaction
    2. Ksh 300,000 daily transaction limit per M-Pesa account
In case you have a transaction amount that is more than your account's limit:
  1. Split the transaction amount to be within your account limits
  2. Contact our support to request increase of your account limits. You must share details about your business and the justification for the reason. With careful evaluation and approval, our support team will make the necessary changes.

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