How long do funds take to be available for withdrawal? (Understanding settlement periods)

How long do funds take to be available for withdrawal? (Understanding settlement periods)

Below is our settlement schedule:


Funds collected through M-Pesa and any other mobile money provider is instantly available for  withdrawals

Card Payments

Card payments take 2-3 days for payments to clear. When we charge a customer card, we notify the business of the successful charge status. This means the business can go ahead and release the product or provide the service as they wait to be paid. IntaSend relies on banks to facilitate settlement of card payments. This means for IntaSend to payout, we have to wait for funds to arrive in our bank accounts and the process normally takes 2-3 days i.e depending on the banks cut-off times. 


Same day or the next business day if the transaction was done during a weekend or a public holiday.
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