How to Create a Donation Campaign

How to Create a Donation Campaign

IntaSend supports non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to launch fundraising campaigns with the aim of accomplishing a set goal. The campaigns allow these organizations to share stories of the goal they have set and the impact of the goals when accomplished through the help of the donors. These organizations champion these causes which will have a lasting impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. The donors, potential donors, and organizations can keep track of the progress of contributions toward achieving the set goals.

How to create a donation campaign on IntaSend

  1. You need first to log into your IntaSend account at -

  2. You need to locate the donation page at

  3. Click on the Settings tab

  4. Fill in the name of the organization and upload your logo for brand visibility.

  5. Go to your IntaSend account and locate your API Key (IntaSend Publishable Key)

  6. Go to your IntaSend account and then click on add webhook

  7. Enter the following link to the Endpoint section - 

  8. For the challenge section, enter something unique word or phrase that is only known to you only. It can be any word or phrase

  9. Tick the Collection Event box only and then save 

  10. Go back to the donation page and click on Create Campaign 

  11.  Enter the Title of your campaign

  12. Give a brief description of your campaign

  13. Upload an image to better communicate your story

  14. Please write your story about the campaign so that donors can be able to understand your goal and the impact their donation will have on the lives of the beneficiaries 

  15.  Choose the category your campaigns falls under

  16. Choose the currency you wish to collect the funds. We currently support KES, USD, EURO and GBP.

  17. Indicate the target amount you wish to raise for the campaign

  18. Depending on your preference, you can tick the boxes to collect the donors name and email. There is also an option to show the names of the donors who have contributed to your campaign

  19. Click on the is active box to make the campaign active. In case you wish to pause the campaign, you just need to uncheck the box.

  20. You can create page to say thank you to your donors and provide the url of the page on the redirect url section. Once a donors makes a donation they will be redirected to that page. This is optional. 

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