How to fix payment processing issues on Shopify store

How to fix payment processing issues on Shopify store

When testing or setting up IntaSend on your Shopify account, you might experience the error below:
There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method


Make email collection mandatory at checkout

For IntaSend to process payments for Shopify i.e either card or M-Pesa payments, we need to capture the client email address of the user for integration to work. For this reason, you need to set the email to be compulsory in your Shopify checkout settings as shown below.
Shopify checkout settings - update email

Ensure you have configured your Account Keys properly for production

When configuring the live environment, you'll be required to setup your account with IntaSend and add your API keys in our Shopify-IntaSend connector. Here is a full guide on how to setup IntaSend payments on Shopify.

Ensure your account is approved to start transacting

Only verified and approved accounts are able to transact on IntaSend. When migrating from test to live, please ensure your account has been verified and approved. Here is more about IntaSend verification process.

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