How to request Online Payments

How to request Online Payments

IntaSend enables freelancers and businesses, to request online payments from clients by sending request pay to the client's email. Payments requests links are simple form invoices that you send customers and when clicked, the client is guided on ways of completing payment.

IntaSend supports multiple payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Mobile payments, ACH, and Bitcoin. Under the payment collections settings, you can determine how you want to get paid.

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    • What is maximum amount I can receive through IntaSend (Understanding Account Limits)

      IntaSend has limits to how much you can receive per transaction and also per day. At the moment, the following are the default limits for new accounts. Card payments Limits USD 500 or equivalent per transaction No limit on how much you can ...
    • How much do you charge for using IntaSend?

      Setting up an account on IntaSend if free. However we charge fees every time you transact. Below is an overview of our pricing details. For more information, please visit our pricing page. Collection Local card payments - 3.5% of transaction value ...
    • Card Error 204

      Error message We could not complete your request because of insufficient funds in the account. Action Consider using a different card.
    • Card Error code 233

      Error General decline by the processor. Cause For some reason, we could not complete your request. How to fix Ensure your personal, address, and card details are well filled. We recommend the use of a different card
    • How long do funds take to be available for withdrawal? (Understanding settlement periods)

      Below is our settlement schedule: MPesa Funds collected through M-Pesa and any other mobile money provider is instantly available for withdrawals Card Payments Card payments take 2-3 days for payments to clear. When we charge a customer card, we ...