I cannot upload documents or it is taking too long to upload (Error 413)

I cannot upload documents or it is taking too long to upload (Error 413)

Account verification forms can only handle upload files of size 10MB or less. When submitting the application for approval, incase the of multiple files, the server might fail submit the application and show error 413 - Entity too large. This error simply means that the amount of files being uploaded exceeds the expected max size the server can handle.

This issue can be solved by:
  1. Reduce document size and retry. We recommend using free softwares like http://www.imageoptimizer.net/ or https://imagecompressor.com/ for quick resize of the image files. The image optimizer solutions helps you to reduce the size of the file without losing too much of its quality.
  2. Send the documents to support@intasend.com or open a ticket at https://support.intasend.com (Click on Submit a Ticket button to create a new ticket)
Once the documents has been received at our end, we'll review and advise as per our verification procedures.
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